Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Womens Health Focus and Privacy

Privacy On This Site

I have created this blog so that I can provide you with information pertaining to women's health. You use any information at your own risk.

You should always consult a doctor with regards to your health. Although I am a strong believer in Natural remedies and alternative medicine, I also have a strong background in science and doctors have they place. Use them as well as alternative sources of information. Inform yourself about all alternatives before making decisions.

If you sign up to my newsletter I will be sending you mailings with product suggestions and articles relating to women's health. These mailings are for educational purposes. What you do with the material is your resposibility.

To send you the mailings I will collect your name and email address.
I will not sell your information to anyone.

If you click on one of my reviewed products my sponsors will place a cookie on your computer. This just lets them know that you came from my site. It does not collect personal information.

If you wish to removed from my mailing list at anytime there is a link in the mailing that will take you to an unsubscribe page. No Questions.

If you wish to Contact Me you may do so by clicking on the link.

If you wish more information about Womens Health and Endometriosis just click on the link.

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