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Tubal Ligation: Things You Should Know About Reversal Prospects

If you are looking at tubal ligation as a form of birth control please read the below article as there are some risks and reversal is not guaranteed! As always consult with your doctor as your circumstances may be different as we are all individuals.

Tubal Ligation Reversal Procedures - Pregnancy Success Rate Overview

Are you a woman who is going to have the tubal ligation reversal procedure preformed, or has already had this done and trying to get pregnant? This article will give you an overview of the procedure and the success rate.

Before making any decision make sure you think about all the pros and cons.Make sure you are healthy enough to carry a baby. Risk factors go up for you and the baby as you get older.

Women end their ability to have children by undergoing tubal ligation all over the U.S. What happens if things change for her and she wants to become pregnant?

Success rates for T-L-R varies from 20 percent to 70 percent. Reports say six percent of women who had decided to under go T-L surgery will change their mind within 5 years.

Some of the major factors in a successful T-L-R are:

* What was the original type of procedure
* The age of the woman
* how the procedure was originally preformed can determine the success rate

Go Over Medical History with Your Doctor
* He can give you the best options after going over your T-L procedure records to give you what kind of potential for successful T-L-R you have.

Tubal Reversal Procedures
* Microsurgery is used to rejoin the two remaining sections of the fallopian tubes.
* A major factor in the success rate is the size of the two remaining pieces,the closer they are to being identical the higher your success rate.When the fallopian tubes ends are at least 3 inches long the success rate is very good.

Certain factors have a direct effect on the potential for a successful T-L-R procedure.When the two ends of the tubes are of different diameter the success rate starts to drop. The bigger the difference in size,shape, the lower the success rate.

Women who make the best candidates for T-L-R are those whose tubal ligations included either the abstraction of a small section of the fallopian tubes, or the procedure was achieved by clips or rings carefully placed around the tubes to prevent eggs released during ovulation from traveling through the fallopian tubes.

Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome
The symptoms of post tubal ligation syndrome may include:

* irregular, heavy, painful periods, and other menstrual issues
* symptoms of early onset menopause
* severe or worsening of premenstrual syndrome
* loss of libido
* ectopic pregnancy
* anxiety
* vaginal dryness
* palpitations
* hot flashes
* cold flashes
* trouble sleeping
* mood swings

You should discuss your medical situation with your doctor to find out what your best option for achieving successful pregnancy by T-L-R. If it is determined you would have a low success rate you might want to go with vitro fertilization.

If you are a woman over 40 years old you must consider your age and how well your T-L surgery was performed. Were there any complications?How healthy are you?

Then you have to worry about the health of the baby in you. Many older woman all over the world deliver healthy babies but there is a risk factor you may want to discuss with your doctor before getting pregnant.

I hope this article will help guide you in the right direction for you to make the right choice for you.

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